These distinctive chutneys are a combination of fruits, onions and spices, and are traditionally served with spicy dishes or seasoned meats.

These are made with natural ingredients.

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Spicy Cranberry Apple Chutney

A fabulous condiment for poultry or pork dishes and adds excitement to cheese platters. It can be stirred into cooked rice or couscous before serving, or mix into a plain chicken, shrimp or lobster salad. A great spread for any type of sandwich
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Sweet and Spicy Mango Chutney

This sweet yet spicy and flavourful chutney is a perfect accompaniment to any grilled, roasted or sautéed meat or seafood. It can be served with a typical Indian dish or as an appetizer; serve with cheese and crackers. Even add to yoghurt for a twist.
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Wild Blueberry Peach Chutney

Surprise your palate with a combination of flavours with this scrumptious chutney. Blend it with yogurt and spoon it over fresh fruit salad, or try it with grilled salmon.
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